Editorial Policy

As an independent publication, Dippli?s mission is to cover the latest analysis, events, alerts, breakthroughs in the cryptocurrency world, educate and inform users on how to adopt this technology and use it successfully.

Editorial Transparency and Independence

Our team of writers follow strict policies, maintain integrity and objectivity without influence from its owners. We clearly disclose sponsored product reviews and sponsored articles.

Editorial Policy Changes

Changes to the Editorial Policy may occur from time to time. Please note that this will not affect the overall goals that this policy strives to achieve. When there is a change/s in the policy, in a way that it significantly affects the way we handle editorial matters, we will ensure to bring the change/s to the attention of our readers. All/any change/s made to the Editorial Policy will be posted on?Dippli.com.

Journalistic Principles?

Dippli is committed to providing you with accurate and balanced information. We employ the best editorial professionals who are responsible for the process of content development, selection and maintenance. We acknowledge the importance of maintaining a clear distinction between any content or materials that are advertising and independent editorial content. All of Dippli?s editorial team are required to disclose any outside activities or investments associated with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. However, Dippli does not restrict its editorial team members from investing or owning blockchain-based projects as investments or crypotocurrencies.

Sources of Our Information?

All content on Dippli website that we offer as our own is obtained by our content providers whose editorial abilities we have evaluated by our in-house editors and find to be acceptable. We ensure that all our material is reviewed thoroughly for accuracy, balance, timeliness and completeness before being published on the website.

In cases where we are unable to do a complete review, we rely on evaluation of possible sources of information, spot-checking and editorial strategies used by information providers such as news releases. In most cases, we ensure to check if the content obtained from information providers are reviewed by their in-house staff or subjected to review by independent in the field before the same has been shared with us.

Outside Influence and Financial Information

Currently Dippli, like most information sites on the World Wide Web, does rely on sponsorship and advertising, including native advertising, sponsored posts, banner advertising and video advertising. With respect to financial Relationships and sponsorship, Dippli observes the following principles:

  • All authors who write for us have to complete a conflict of interest form, which requires full disclosure of any affiliations or financial interests that may influence or have the appearance of influencing, the particular content that they offer. If the conflicts in our conclusion are found to be significant, then we require them to publicly disclose their connection with the material offered by them that is to be published on our website.
  • All research material published on our website will clearly disclose the source of the content or author and the date the material was last published and/or updated.
  • Any links to other companies? co-brands, websites, marks or logos are not intended to represent recommendations unless we explicitly indicate that we recommend them.
  • All sponsored content is clearly marked.

Contact Us

Please direct all your comments or questions regarding our Editorial Policy to editor@dippli.com.

We will respond to your questions or complaints within 5 working days of our receipt.

Updated on 31 March 2018.