RSK Labs Launches New Infrastructure Project Called Root Infrastructure Framework Labs

RSK Lab?s new developments to pave way for smart contracts improvements

Smart contracts startup RSK Labs has reportedly launched a new infrastructure project titled the Root Infrastructure Framework (RIF) Labs.

RSK Labs became popular as a startup that focuses on Blockchain smart contracts and it just unveiled its new project, Root Infrastructure Framework (RIF) Labs. The latter will be operated by the same people that developed the Bitcoin smart contracts platform earlier this year. They will carry on with the same work they were doing at RSK Labs but their attention will be focused towards developing user-friendly interfaces through blockchain technology.

RIF Labs highlights the company?s development plans in the blockchain space

RSK Labs launched RIF Labs as part of a plan to restructure its development ecosystem. The company noted during the launch that it will focus on five different code protocols or implementations that will become part of the RSK smart contract platform. They will be collectively known as the RIF Open Standard or RIF OS.

Each of the implementations is supposed to streamline and simplify Decentralized Applications (DAapps) development. The company also hopes that the protocols will encourage blockchain adoption for programming purposes.

?RIF Lab?s focus is on building technology that facilitates access to decentralized infrastructure enabling traditional developers, organizations, and innovators to bring to life the next generation of distributed applications,? stated RIF Labs CEO, Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar.

Zaldivar also revealed that the tools including the intellectual property and software developed as part of the project will be freely open-sourced. This is part of RSK?s plans to make sure that the RIF OS protocols are available for use in other cryptocurrency platforms. So far the company has already released one of the RIF OS protocols and the remaining four protocols will be released soon.

Better security protocols and funding

The currently available protocol allows developers to avoid complex blockchain address sharing and instead focus on user-friendly aliases when dealing with token and cryptocurrency accounts. The goal is to facilitate better transaction procedures compared to what is already available in the market. Zaldivar also acknowledged that the project is well funded although he did not disclose the identities of those that provided the funding.


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