Asustek Computer?s Gaming PCs to Double as Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware


Owners of Asustek Computer?s gaming PCs will be able to mine for cryptocurrencies using the same devices when they are not playing. The Taiwan-based hardware company will be augmenting its gaming PCs with strong mining software that will enable gamers to mine for cryptos using the same machines.

Strong Features

Standard gaming PCs come with an already powerful Graphics Processing Units (GPU) alike those used for crypto mining, Asus is just adding another capability to the gaming PCs to atleast match mining computers. The company will use Quantumcloud?s mining software for its gaming/mining PCs.

Asus Computers whose 2017 profits declined by nearly 201% from the previous year?s is planning to beef up its sales with its latest offering. Although experts in the gaming industry project an increase in PCs spending in forthcoming years, competition in the sector has also skyrocketed forcing companies like Asus to differentiate their products in order remain financially sound.

Arguably, Asus is setting foot in an untapped area according to Neil Mawston, the executive director for the UK-based Strategy Analytics firm, “Crypto-mining by idle consumer PCs is rare today. It is practiced by home-build PC fans and tech geeks, but it is not yet a mainstream feature.”

Aside from the knowledge that the gaming PCs could be used during idle times to process cryptocurrency transactions and in turn earn crypto rewards, the company has not yet given any further information on how the PCs? mechanism, volumes and prices.

Poor Timing?

Crypto analysts would argue that the invention is poorly timed keeping in mind the current situation in the cryptocurrency market. There have been reports that crypto miners are downing their tools due to poor remunerations. As at now, Bitcoin prices have tumbled about 70% from its all time peak of approximately $20,000. Ideally, miners would make profits when Bitcoin is trading at $4,500 and above but this has not been the case since mid-November.

About 100,000 miners have shut down operations in the past few weeks with over 1.6 million mining servers being plugged off the pool. Well, unless crypto prices rise soon, Asus? new invention will be doomed.


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