Alexander Vinnik?s Lawyer Criticizes Greek Supreme Court Judges For Rights Violation

Greek Judges accused of Violating Alexander Vinnik?s rights

BTC-e operator Alexander Vinnik?s legal representative Zoe Konstantopoulou has accused Greek Supreme Court judges of violating his client?s rights.

The lawyer stated during Monday?s court session that the Greek Supreme Court judges intentionally disregarded Vinnik?s rights. Greek authorities detained Vinnik since July 2017 while he was on the run for allegedly laundering billions of dollars through the BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange. Authorities from multiple countries have been after him for the cryptocurrency-related crimes including the U.S and France.

?You have violated the rights of Alexander Vinnik, who hasn?t received an official translation of the French request by November 17,? Konstantopoulou told the court.

Greek Judiciary did not sign vital documents

The lawyer further pointed out that the documents involved were not translated to Russian and that they did not have signatures and seals. She also argued that the judges only treated Ninnik like that because he was Russian and that Greek citizen or any citizen of an EU country would not be treated like that. It was also reported that Vinnik?s France extradition appeal has been pushed back and it will be held on November 29.

Constantopoulous also claims that Greek Judges presiding over the case acted in a discriminatory manner that was fueled by political motives. The lawyer claims that French extradition will lead to a U.S extradition. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement a few months ago saying that Greek authorities were complicating the relationship with Russia.

The ministry also requested that Greek Judiciary should prioritize a Russian extradition especially given the fact that Vinnik is Russia. However, French and U.S authorities believe that justice will not be properly served if Vinnik is extradited to Russia.

Vinnik maintains that he is innocent amid massive fines

The BTC-e exchange was shut down in July last year after being tied to a massive cryptocurrency fraud. The U.S is currently claiming a $110 million from the crypto exchange and $12 million from Vinnik due to his money laundering involvement. However, Vinnik still claims that he is innocent and has even claimed that he did not run the exchange.


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