STARAMBA SE Closes the Public Sale Phase of Its Crypto STARAMBA.Token

STARAMBA SE Closes the Public Sale Phase of Its Crypto STARAMBA.Token

STARAMBA SE?has successfully completed the public sale phase of its crptocurrency STARAMBA SE. The Virtual Reality (VR) Company headquartered in Berlin, Germany sold 290 million tokens in the just concluded public sale. The company had already tested victory during its pre sale phase in June this year with a sale of 100 million tokens.


Cumulatively, the company has raised a total of 18 million Euros from the two sales. This is a remarkable success especially for a company making its debut to the cryptocurrency space. It is an indication that investors and users are buying into the company?s vision. Aside from the tokens sold during the two phases, there is another stash of 160 million STARAMBA SE.Tokens under the custody of the company. The company continues to own 60% of its total tokens.

The tokens still in the company?s possession will be put for sell via the STARAMBA web shop. The tokens will be going for USD 0.25?per token and is meant for the company?s Virtual Reality platform users. These are individuals that don?t own a custody wallet to store the cryptos or do not intend to own a wallet anyway.

Uses of the token

With the STARAMBA token, users of the company?s virtual reality platform can spend the coins on items presented for sale on the platform. Members of the VR platform can use the token as a P2P settlement method and is also acceptable by advertising parties.

Besides the token?s exiting uses within the company?s VR platform, in reality the coin can be traded against other cryptocurrencies. Already the Dobitrade Exchange?has listed the token on its platform.

Cryptos Market Cap

As at now the company has a market capitalization of $250 million. Considering that the cryptocurrency total market cap is standing at $250 billion from its all time peak of $900 billion, a valuation of $250 million for a small token is remarkable.

Christian Daudert, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of STARAMBA SE expressed his confidence in the company?s recent offerings with specific emphasis on the token. He says ?The token has already been launched via the Initial Token Sale and the Spaces will start their property auctions on December 12 of this year. There is already a great demand to acquire a virtual neighboring property next to the Allianz Arena or Paris Hilton’s villa.”


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