Cryptocurrency Payments Startup TravelByBit To Offer Chance to Dine With Crypto Celebrity

Cryptocurrency Payments Startup Offers Chance To Dine With Celebrity

Cryptocurrency payments startup TravelByBit is offering a chance to dine with crypto celebrity Jimmy Song through an auction. Raising money through charity auctions during lunch or dinner where big names in the investment and industry world like Warren Buffett contribute through their presence is not new. Such lunch and dinner dates attract millions. In 2018, an anonymous individual made a bid of more than $3 million for grabbing lunch with the most famous investor of all time at the so-famous New York City?s steakhouse Smith and Wollensky.

The same trend is now entering the cryptocurrency community. However, an individual does not need to spend millions to have dinner with a famous figure in the virtual currency space.

Cryptocurrency payments startup offers chance to eat with Jimmy Song

Inspired by the Warren Buffet auction that every year raises millions for charity funds, the cryptocurrency payments startup, TravelByBit is offering an opportunity to the crypto enthusiasts to eat with the core developer of Bitcoin (BTC), Jimmy Song for around $200. The self-proclaimed Bitcoin educator, developer, and entrepreneur boast of having more than 100,000 followers on his Twitter account. He regularly speaks about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

Song also is planning to release a book on the topic next year which he completed recently. The payments startup tweeted about this event on its official account to encourage interested individuals to book their flights and accommodation for this event with TravelByBit. As per the tweet, the Blockchain Australia members will receive a discount on their booking.

TravelByBit to arrange ?Carnivory Dinner?

As per reports, the company is arranging a Brazilian BBQ type of Carnivory Dinner at Sydney?s Braza restaurant. Businesses, longtime members of Bitcoin community and policymakers will attend this dinner. The money raised through this dinner will go to Blockchain Australia, a nonprofit organization. The event will last for a few hours and will take place on December 5, 2018 evening.

Last month one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance announced an investment of $2.5 million in TravelByBit. The travel booking company quickly integrated the BNB cryptocurrency across its platform and its retail partners.


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