& Metropolitan Commercial Bank (MCB) To Introduce MCO Visa Card Program In U.S.

208 To Introduce MCO Visa Card Program In US

The collaboration of Metropolitan Commercial Bank (MCB) and is rolling out the MCO Visa Card Program in the United States soon. Incidentally, the collaboration launched the program in Singapore last month through Foris Inc. its affiliate company. This prepaid card will comprise of certain key features such as no monthly or annual fees, no fee for ATM-withdrawals, high-end metal cards, no fees for a foreign transaction, select cards to get airport lounge access, and tap-and-pay functionality.

Registration for MCO Visa Card Program available on wallet

Interested individuals can obtain the MCO Visa Card Program by registering on card app and wallet. For the online registration process, a user will have to complete the regular checks for KYC including providing an ID issued by the government for verification. It is possible for the wallet users to manage or monitor the way their card is put to use. wallet app matches the standardized features of most of the famous cryptocurrency wallets. It allows the users to track down their outgoing and incoming transactions. However, there is one special and unique feature that is a part of the wallet and not found in any other wallet apps. It is the ability to unfreeze and freeze the payment card of using a single tap. As per the report, the global reservation for MCO Visa Cards is more than 100,000. wallet app eliminates need for an exchange during transaction

The official website of says that the wallet app of the company will allow the users to purchase, sell, store, and track and send the virtual currencies. Usually, users wanting to pay for services or goods have to convert their virtual currency into fiat money through an exchange. But with, the users do not need to complete the transaction using an exchange because the card automatically does the job of converting the crypto into fiat for the user.

According to the CEO and president of Metropolitan Commercial Bank, Mark DeFazio, ?We are pleased to work closely with and Foris in bringing this innovative product to the US market. This program speaks directly to The Entrepreneurial Bank spirit that we have and seek to promote. The MCO Visa Card is quite unique and provides a bridge between traditional banking and cryptocurrencies in a safe and compliant way.?


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