The Social Media Bot XRP TipBot To Integrate With Amazon?s Alexa


The Ripple community is having quite an extraordinary year. Even as most of the cryptocurrencies are still performing poorly since last year?s high, XRP is showing signs of rebounding. In particular, the community is having many highlights including a possibility for XRP token to surpass Ethereum. Interestingly, XRP TipBot to integrate with Amazon?s Alexa is another high moment for the XRP community.

Initially, the XRP TipBot creator intended it to help in donations to worthy courses. The TipBot is a creation of an XRP enthusiast who believes in the utility of the project.

XRP TipBot to integrate with Amazon?s Alexa to be available to more users

Speaking a 51percent Crypto Research podcast recently, Wietse Wind, the creator hailed the feature as a game-changer. As Wind explained, the XRP TipBot is a ?social media bot that allows users on Reddit, Twitter and Discord to?send small amounts of XRP to tip other users, showing their appreciation for great content and knowledge sharing.?

In particular, Wind revealed in the interview that h created the bot to bridge the social media community with XRP. The feature facilitates a seamless integration between the two platforms. For instance, if one asked for a donation on Twitter, users will only have to ?reply to the comment with a simple formatted message that includes the amount of the tip.?

In essence, the application redefines social interaction by integrating cryptocurrency in daily interactions. The application enables transactions between peers in a very fast way and without fees.

Easy to use

According to Wind, the Ripple technology is very easy to use and has a lot of potential. In the interview, he said:

?I noticed that the technology is really easy to get started with. If you?re a web developer or someone who programs in his spare time and knows some JavaScript and stuff like that you, you can just get started in a few lines of code.?

Interestingly, the application is already available on Appstore and Google Play. Therefore, the reports of XRP TipBot to integrate with Amazon?s Alexa imply a further adoption by general population. Already, XRP is responding positively to the news.


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