Ongoing Bitcoin (BTC) Scam Attacks Google?s Official G Suite Twitter Account


An ongoing Bitcoin (BTC) scam recently attacked an official G Suite Twitter account of Google. The scam attacked multiple social media platforms in the last few weeks including companies like Target and The Next Web. However, the attack on G Suite is one of the most high profile scams of all the targets which led to the promotion of fake tweets appearing on the G Suite account pop up of the users in the afternoon. The pop up directed the users towards a scammy Bitcoin address luring them with a giveaway.

Social media network releases statement post attack on G Suite Twitter account

After the attack, the leading social media network released a statement regarding the Target hack. Twitter stated that it is taking steps to improve the way it can handle cryptocurrency scams and is planning to invest in tools so that it can take care of the incidences similar to an attack on Google?s G Suite Twitter account in a better way.

According to Twitter, during the time it traced the Target hack, it found out that the hack is compromising several other accounts on its handle apart from Google. Out of these accounts, one can be the G Suite account even though Twitter is yet to give a clarification on it. Even then, the occurrence of G suite attacks just a couple of hours after the Target scam indicates that the issue of Bitcoin scam is getting worse.

Hackers impersonate people in Target scam

In a case of a cybersecurity breach, the hackers briefly gained complete control over Target?s big-box chain account and some other unknown accounts. Twitter, later on, announced that hackers attacked some of the accounts including that of Target for a brief period. However, Twitter said that the accounts quickly regained access and that the social media giant is currently investigating the entire episode of hacking including violating the Twitter policy by impersonating someone else.

Even though Target gained control of its official account in half an hour, the attacker did post a few tweets promising the users a give out of 5,000 BTC offering one of “the biggest crypto-giveaway in the world!”


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