Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin And CEO Sundar Pichai Have Sons Interested In Cryptocurrency

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The booming cryptocurrency industry seems to have attracted not only the old and rich but also the very young ones. The son of Google?s CEO Sundar Pichai has surprised the industry with his knowledge and addiction to cryptocurrency. The 11-year-old is reportedly mining Ethereum (ETH) using the family?s home PC. The tech giant?s leader revealed the new turn of events while speaking in this year?s Blockchain Summit. Pichai was responding to a question regarding the rising addiction of children to the internet.

The co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin is sharing in the same status with Pichai. He has also admitted having a joint house venture with his son. Brin explains that the ?mining farm? began just like a joke following the request of a gaming PC by his 10-year-old son. Thereafter there was the installation of a crypto miner onto the PC and before long the young one was mining ETH.

Cryptocurrency is potentially ?extraordinary?

Clearly, the digital assets are hanging on a very tangible potential. The likes of Bitcoin and now the very latest Ethereum have shaken up the market.? Brin agrees that the Blockchain and digital assets are fascinating even though he does not know much about Cryptocurrencies. Surprisingly, despite his lack of any know-how he has been mining the world?s second largest cryptocurrency.

Matt Sorum, the former drummer of Guns ?n? Roses may have also noted the potential in the underlying technology. In what seemed like a defense of the intellectual property (IP) rights of artists Sorum talked highly about the potential of the blockchain.

He said, ?A user should be able to own content in a way that rewards the artist. When the blockchain came along, I said, this can happen. And the way it will work is through smart contracts.?

But Google has not been overly active in the cryptocurrency space

Pichai who possess a net value of $650 mln acknowledges the increasing growth of electronic devices in households in the West.? The world-famous technical guru is agreeable to the fact that he is curious about how his son understands the operations behind crypto.

The most surprising thing is that Google has not shown much interest in the cryptocurrency. This is despite the attention of the company?s key leadership.


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