Store And eGifter Team Up To Offer Gift Cards

117 might be in trouble again for misleading investors Store and eGifter have announced a collaboration through which they plan to sell gift cards from top brands.

The new partnership will allow Store patrons to buy gift cards using Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Patrons will get to choose from more than 300 gift cards from different brands. The Store was re-launched in April this year after an overhaul that that added the most exciting Bitcoin merchandise, hardware devices, art, and gear.

The Store has been making more products available

The Store has been aggressively adding new products to the already large variety of crypto-focused merchandise. The store has teamed up with eGifter, a gift card service to provide customers with a wide range of gift cards. The partnership will also make Bitcoin Cash more usable allowing the cryptocurrency’s existing users to use it in a new way.

“Creating new ways for our users to spend their Bitcoin Cash on goods and services has been a top priority for us at,” stated eCommerce Manager, Blake Moore.

Moore also pointed out that his company?s development team did quite an impressive job with the wallet integration. The wallet will now allow shoppers to buy gift cards on the website using Bitcoin Cash with ease. The partnership between eGifter and Store is about providing better customer experience.

The brands whose gift cards will be available on the Store include retail, entertainment, and premium food brands. All of the brands involved leverage the security, flexibility, and freedom that comes with cryptocurrency payments. The cryptocurrency community has been working on encouraging more real-world cryptocurrency use.

eGifter will benefit significantly from the partnership has a strong user base which is rapidly growing. This makes it an appealing partner to eGifter which has been looking to extend its marketplace. The partnership presents an opportunity for eGifter to attract more traffic. The eGifter platform should have no problem with the new development because it is designed to align with brand partner requirements. Consumers can access printable gift certs, mobile gift certs, seasonal faceplates, redemption instructions, and proper terms.


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