Venture Capital SpaceFund Launching Space Security Token To Support The Development Of Space Startups


Tokenisation of space will soon be a reality. Reports of SpaceFund launching space security token surfaced during the Zurich Crypto Summit. However, on Monday, SpaceFund officially announced the plans where the firm will tokenize its fund. This way, it aims to provide ?accredited investors with better access? to startups focused on space exploration. In particular, the token will provide more liquidity to investors and the startups.

SpaceFund is a venture capital that utilises blockchain technology to fund space-oriented startups. The VC is providing a regulated product that will help investors partake in space exploration. Interestingly, a lot of billions of dollars are going in space activities.

SpaceFund launching space security token to provide liquidity for both startups and investors

Billionaires Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have their space-focused companies running various tests in space habitation. This is testimony that the new frontier has a lot to offer. In the same spirit, SpaceFund wants to give the opportunity to investors to experience the thrill of space investment. However, the opportunity is currently available only for US-based and accredited investors.

Further, the startup will next offer the chance to Swiss investors through a partnership with Smart Valor. This is an investment platform which has regulatory approval for token sales within Switzerland. Interestingly, Forbes lists the firm among top ten Fintech startups of 2018.

In comments following the announcement, Rick Tumlinson, founding partner of SpaceFund said: ?We want to allow more visionary people to get involved, to support the entrepreneurs opening space to humanity, and to share in the wealth it will create. This offering is both a giant leap and a first step in that direction.?

Diversified exposure

In particular, the SpaceFund team includes individuals with ?an insider perspective? on the emerging space trend. Further, they all share a desire to make the new adventure available to everyone by leveraging blockchain technology.

David A. Johnston, general partner of SpaceFund, CEO of Yeoman?s Capital believes the knowledge behind SpaceFund will create a great company. ?Together we are going to change the way people invest in space,? he says.

With SpaceFund launching space security token, the hope is that it will remove barriers for investors. Also, the new product will provide them with a ?diversified exposure? to a range of startups, Financial Report reveals. Similarly, the token will provide startups with the very important long-term support that every young company needs.


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