NEM Foundation Unveils New Blockchain Hub In Melbourne


The NEM Foundation is reportedly planning to launch a new blockchain hub which will be situated in Melbourne, Australia.

The Singapore-based foundation has been penetrating the Australian market where it has been heavily supported. The NEM Foundation has been targeting the continent especially due to its currently booming blockchain market. It will launch the new hub in Melbourne so that it can educate blockchain startups and the general public about the many advantages of blockchain technology and digital currencies. Interested parties will learn about distributed ledger systems including the NEM blockchain and its XEM token.

The NEM Foundation?s growing sphere of influence

This is the third development of its kind since the foundation already launched similar hubs in New Zealand and Brisbane. Jian Chan, the head of NEM Australia noted in a statement that Melbourne is now among the strongest blockchain communities in the country. Australia also happens to host many crypto startups and blockchain-related businesses.

?The launch of the NEM Blockchain Hub in Melbourne is a strong sign of our commitment towards supporting innovation in Australia and the world,? stated Chan.

Chang also noted that the NEM Foundation is so far present in more than 40 countries. It has also enjoyed quick growth partly thanks to the fact that it has hubs in multiple countries especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

Kate Cornick, LaunchVic CEO pointed out that blockchain technology is growing rapidly and also evolving at a fast pace. She also added in her statement that her firm is happy to welcome the NEM Foundation as part of the Victorian Innovation hub. Australia?s blockchain sector is currently characterized by more than 360 collaborations involving the top startups in Australia.

Playing nice with others

The NEM foundation is already working with startups, lawyers as well as other related professionals to fulfill its plans for the new blockchain hub in Melbourne. Chan is also optimistic about the new NEM Hub?s ability to resonate with other Australian businesses. He is also convinced that the cryptocurrency market will perform better in the long-term despite the overwhelming bear market that has prevailed for the better part of 2018.


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