TxTenna Mobile App To Facilitate Offline Bitcoin Transactions


One of the biggest challenges of cryptocurrency is the complexity of its underlying technology. Apparently, internet connection is another huge hurdle to stands in the way of mass adoption of cryptocurrency. To that end, goTenna and Samourai wallet came together to develop TxTenna mobile app that will enable offline Bitcoin transactions.

According to a report on Nasdaq, users will be able to send and receive Bitcoin via TxTenna without internet access. Interestingly, the network will offer high-end security and privacy which is free from censorship. As per the report, an offline network is impossible to censor since it offers no window for entry.

TxTenna mobile App to enable users sidestep ISPs

Per Nasdaq, goTenna produces ?consumer-grade mesh networking devices.? With the devices, users can connect directly over a secure network which precludes the need for a cell tower. Further, the network does not require an internet service provider to facilitate the connection. Interestingly, this feature enables the devices to operate ?off-grid? and away from any means of snooping.

Speaking to Bitcoin Magazine, Rich Myers, DApps engineer at goTenna believes that the solution reinforces the central tenet of blockchain. He says that blockchain technology intends to decentralize operations and keep users in charge of their data.

?TxTenna demonstrates how decentralized mesh networking can both enhance the privacy and resiliency of Bitcoin transactions, and expand Bitcoin access to people living in areas without cell or wifi connectivity,? he says.

Transactions under the rudder

On the other hand, goTenna CEO Daniela Perdomo observes that ISPs are crucial in helping governments stifle cryptocurrency use. Particularly, the ISPs can access subscriber transactions and erect barriers to Bitcoin transactions. Therefore, TxTenna mobile app is on a mission to solve barriers that hinder the full decentralization of the currency sector.

The team behind TxTenna explains that ?the app will allow users to sync their smartphones with a goTenna mesh device.? Users will then customize the settings to suit their preferences after which they can begin transacting in Bitcoin.

Interestingly, Samourai wallet is one of the biggest service providers to Bitcoin users. Therefore, the new partnership will see a huge number of transactions happening under the rudder of regulators.


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