Cardano Introduces New Solutions To Give Users Better Experience


Just a year since its creation, Cardano (ADA) is making huge statements in the cryptocurrency space. According to CryptoDaily, the blockchain firm is working hard to better the user experience on its platform. As Cardano introduces new solutions, users will enjoy a higher level of convenience as they interact with the system.

Some time back, the team behind Cardano promised to upgrade the platform?s scalability for the benefit of developers. This is was an effort to help reduce a problem that is still as prominent today as it was before. Particularly, the increasing number of cryptocurrency users implies the need for more space on blockchain networks.

Cardano introduces new solutions in race towards higher TPS

In fact, it is obvious that the more the users, the more the pressure on the transaction rate on a system. In this light, Cardano announced that it had successfully launched a sidechain. Basically, this is a miniature blockchain platform on which developers can operate. Specifically, the sidechain will avail more space for development of decentralised applications (dApps).

However, the sidechain will only be useful to dApps that utilise ADA. Nonetheless, as Cardano introduces new solutions, it makes for a great step towards scalability. As a matter of fact, scalability is one of the biggest limitations presently in the crypto space. Actually, the most popular blockchain network (Bitcoin) is the worst performing in terms of scalability. In fact, Bitcoin is experiencing one of the lowest rates of transactions per second (TPS) in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Light weight wallet

According to CryptoDaily, the additional chain will act as an open-source library. Particularly, it will provide developers with ?a range of functions to frame dApps which are designed specifically for the platform.? Dubbed Rust SDK, the solution will facilitate creation of ?multiple products on top of the Cardano platform.?

Meanwhile, AMB Crypto reports that Cardano launched a light weight crypto wallet called Yoroi. According to the news outlet, Yoroi is ?an extension on Google Chrome and is a hard fork of IOHK?s?Icarus.? Further, the publication reveals that the new wallet promises higher security and faster transactions. However, most important is that the wallet is simple to use.


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