IX Teams Up With Bitcoin (BTC) Platform Token To Launch New Exchange IX.com


IX teamed up with Bitcoin (BTC) platform token to launch a new exchange. The platform triggered off speculations some time ago when it invested $10 million to acquire a unique name for its domain IX.com. The first exchange in the world with BTC platform token will offer multiple high returns to the traders according to the BTC quantity they hold.

Interesting specialists come together at IX

The company says that the team working for the exchange consists of an interesting set of specialists. These people belong to a variety of backgrounds come from prestigious institutions including the Swiss, Yale University, Peking University, Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, and Columbia University. These specialists boast of having an exceptional educational resume. All of these experts have major in disciplines related to technology including Economics, Finance, Network Security, Computer, and Software Engineering.

The team also includes industry leaders having immense experience of working at major companies including FCoin, Ford, LinkedIn, Bitmex, and BitFlyer. Analysts believe that this exclusive team helped the company gain such an interesting domain name in two-letter. The overall work is an endeavor of more than a half a year put together by the early employees of the company and the founding team members. The team wants to create an international platform that can make a strong impact on the industry.

Five major operational characteristics of IX

The company owns five major operational characteristics. Its first characteristics form BTC on its platform as the proofs of a stake. It means a user can get a high service charge sharing bonus from the platform only until he holds Bitcoin. The second characteristics form 20 second trading rules. It indicates that if no transaction occurs in the last 20 consecutive seconds then the last trader receives 40 percent of the transactions fees incurred by the existing virtual currency.

Thirdly, only a user with platform token IX can receive the twin benefit of getting the service charge bonus and participating in the platform?s governance. As per the fourth characteristic a user receives a reward on inviting friends to the platform. As a part of the fifth operational characteristic, the platform will refund 100 percent of the transaction fee.


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