Apple?s New Bitcoin Glyphs in IOS 12

ios 12

Apple has introduced cryptocurrency glyphs as part of the IOS 12 shortcuts apps. The shortcut app was launched to enable completion of complex tasks through voice commands. Apple included two Bitcoin glyphs in its new version of the operating system. The debut comes just a while after Apple banned cryptocurrency mining applications in its app stores.

Although one cannot use the glyphs for emojis, they will enable Iphone users to prompt for the price of Bitcoin through voice commands. The glyphs can also be used to represent virtually any user-defined application shortcut.

Enthusiasts found it interesting to debate whether the glyph that appears in blue represents Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. Although this could be the notion, the glyphs represent none of both and the color can be adjusted anywhere from red to blue.

Apple’s Non-Support For Cryptocurrency

Apple Inc has sidelined itself from the ongoing cryptocurrency bubble after it sought out to protect I0S users from background crypto mining apps. The Cupertino company added the guidelines on June 2018, which also included a ban on all third party advertisements displayed on applications that allowed unrelated background activities. The applications were only granted permission to support storage of digital currency and prevented from direct mining with the device.

The glyphs seem to be the only hint of blockchain assertion to be endorsed by Apple. If the cryptocurrency bubble fully supported by a number of technology firms is anything to go by, it then seems the corporation will join the crypto debate.

The Bitcoin Glyph

The introduced glyphs can only be used to represent BTC or BTH depending on the color a user decides to adjust them to. The shortcut system or Siri app upon which the glyphs have been launched is a step to improving the multi routine voice commands app.

The glyphs are elemental symbols intended for representing computer readable characters. It, therefore, means that the Bitcoin glyph would represent the computer readable form of Bitcoin’s spelling.

The Bitcoin Glyphs follows the addition of the Bitcoin symbol to the Unicode standard. The Unicode standard is available in the computer standard version 10 unveiled back in June 2017.

And if anyone is to ask whether Bitcoin is here to stay? The answers are right there in front of them.


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