Stox Offers $100,000 Windfall For Correct Prediction At The FIFA World Cup Finals


There was a lot to look up to in the 2018 FIFA World Cup finals on Sunday, especially for users of the Stox market prediction platform which is based on blockchain technology which offered a chance to win $100,000.

Prior to the final showdown between France and Croatia, Stox announced that its Token holders who correctly predicted the outcome of the final match would win $100,000. In order to secure their chance at winning, users would have to bet a minimum of 1000 Stox tokens (STX). Users of the platform were advised to read the terms and conditions before participating in the competition so as to avoid any inconveniences.

The $100,000 is the highest payout that the platform has ever offered. Those who won will get to walk away with the promised winnings which will be paid out in Ethereum (ETH). Participants were offered multiple possible outcomes from which they could choose from.

Stox launched its Initial Coin Offering in 2017 during which it managed to raise $33 million within two days. Token holders predict the event outcomes on the platform and it covers a wide range of events including finance and politics. Users who choose correct outcomes receive STX tokens as their rewards. The amount of the token that is rewarded is based on the initial amount of STX pledged, the number of participants and the probability of the outcome.

If the bets are being placed on ICOs, their winnings are awarded in the form of the native tokens. As for the FIFA World Cup predictions, France won the game after scoring four goals against Croatia?s two goals. The official results of the game will be taken from the FIFA website. Winners will be subjected to KYC procedure before they receive their price. Their winning will be forfeited if they do not pass their KYC.

The STX token is currently available on numerous exchanges including Forkdelta, HitBTC, and among others. The token was trading at $0.40 at the time of this press which is considerably low compared to its performance in December last year when it climbed past the $1 mark.


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