KuCoin Unveils Voting Competition To Assist New Crypto Listing


KuCoin has moved to simplify the process of listing new cryptocurrencies in its exchange. The cryptocurrency exchange has started a new campaign that gives its crypto-community a chance to pick a coin they believe deserves listing.

KuCoin Listing Campaign

For one to participate in the campaign, he or she must be registered as a user on KuCoin with a valid username email address. The cryptocurrency exchange will consequently send an email containing the link where one must go to vote.

To Vote one needs merely to fill the fields in the link which includes things like KuCoin account as well as the name of the coin one is voting for. One must also provide the reason why the coin should be listed in the exchange.

Voting for the same project is not allowed, but KuCoin users can vote for as many cryptocurrency projects as they wish. People will also have to spell out the name of the projects they are voting for correctly so that their votes can be tabulated correctly.


KuCoin has already set up a dedicated team of administrators as well as bots that are to oversee the entire voting process as well as collection of data for tabulation. Voters must follow the set-out rules for their votes to count.

The project that gets the most votes once the campaign closes will be crowned the winner. KuCoin says it will conduct due diligence on the project behind the altcoin to ensure it is legitimate. If everything pans out as expected, the coin will consequently be listed in the exchange.

The cryptocurrency project that comes out on top will also receive $30,000 in advertisement package in addition to being listed in the cryptocurrency exchange. The change has also promised to send an equivalent value of 5BTC purchased in the newly added tokens to KuCoin users who voted for the winning project.

Some of the projects that appear to stand a better chance of emerging winners in the campaign include ZClassic, (ZCL), Electra (ECA), and Bitcoin Token (BTK).


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