Arbitao Leverages ATAO Technology To Make Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Trading Easy

ATAO Technology

The high volatility in the cryptocurrency market has attracted a lot of arbitrage traders especially professional ones but Arbitao has been working on tools that will make arbitrage easy for newbies through ATAO technology.

In cryptocurrency, Arbitrage usually involves buying cryptocurrencies at a certain price and selling them at a higher price on another crypto exchange. Arbitao has been providing a suitable solution through which traders can find price differences between exchanges. It also eliminates most of the risk that traders face when trading cryptocurrencies and also providing a friendlier experience.

?A lot of ICO projects don?t have a working product and probably never will have. With Arbitao, it?s different,? stated Karel Mirrin, the co-founder and lead developer at Arbitao.

Arbitao uses an in-house technology called ATAO to make the platform a suitable solution for traders including amateur traders who want to take advantage of arbitrage. The technology compiles data from multiple exchanges in order to help traders make profitable trades. The technology uses a closed loop trading method which is used by professional traders.

ATAO uses four trading pools in order to make cryptocurrency arbitrage possible on its platform and this also allows it to facilitate trades as low as $100. Users on the platform can expect from 0.5 percent to 0.75 percent on a daily basis. This means that an investor can turn $100 into $220 in 240 days. However, those with higher initial investments stand to benefit from higher margins.

Extra advantages offered to community members

The ATAO blockchain technology is also designed such that it rewards its community members when they contribute computing power to the network and also through a staking reward when they install the ATAO wallet. The latter involves staking some of the coins and also validating transactions on the network.

So far Arbitao’s system has been operational since November last year and has been tested successfully by traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. So far the platform?s automated system can track arbitrage opportunities from 19 cryptocurrency exchanges. Factors such as order books, volumes, transaction fees and transaction time are key considerations in the crypto trading platform.


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