Sold Out Token? STRAMBA SE Completes Pre-sale Of In-house Token


STARAMBA SE has finalized the pre-sale period of its STARAMBA.Token, revealing that it was hugely successful. The presold out faster than expected. The pre-sale which involved a total of 100 million tokens reportedly sold out in just two days.

The successful pre-sale marks a great start for the STARAMBA.token ICO whose public-sale is scheduled to kick off on June 20 this year. The public sale will provide 450 million tokens to interested buyers and so far more than 35,000 potential customers have already signed up on the company?s website. STARAMBA.Token hopes that the public sale will also be as successful as the pre-sale and that is most likely to be the case.

“The Initial Token Sale is also the starting signal for our most important future project STARAMBA. spaces,? stated Christian Daudert, the managing director and Chairman of the Board of Directors at STARAMBA SE.

Daudert also stated that the initial token sale will provide the firm with the financial means to achieve larger and faster development in its key areas of focus. He also believes that it will strengthen or reinforce the trustworthiness of its business model. Christian also stated that the firm looks forward to launching the public sale because it will allow all of the company?s fans to access the token.

The STARAMBA.Token will be used as the digital currency for the STARAMBA.spaces which is STARAMBA SE?s decentralized social VR network that specifically targets stars as well as brands from the sports, entertainment and music industries. The STARAMBA.Token is based on the Ethereum blockchain and it is compliant with ERC20 standards.

Staramba SE?s pursuit of VR is quite a unique offering to the market and it will focus on hardware and software. It is the first social VR network in the world and this has contributed significantly toward making the firm more popular.?The firm has also developed the most comprehensive database for photorealistic 3D models that features the top stars from all over the world including footballers from some of the top teams in the world. Some of those teams include Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. The 3D models mean the system will create photorealistic avatars.

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