Apple Talks Tough On Cryptocurrency Mining In iPhones

Cryptocurrency Mining In iPhones

Apple has issued a new set of App Store guidelines that make it clear, cryptocurrency mining apps cannot be used in iOS devices. The apps will only be allowed in the app store, unless such mining activities are performed off the device, i.e., cloud-based mining.

Cryptocurrency Mining Apps Ban

According to the iPhone maker, the cryptocurrency mining apps do not abide by App Store regulations. The tech giant has especially raised concern with the way the apps tend to drain the battery. It has also emerged that the apps cause devices to overheat while operating, in addition to putting an unnecessary strain on devices resources.

While the ban paints a clear picture of where Apple stands on cryptocurrencies and mining activities, it shows how committed it is to preserving battery performance of its devices. The company has also issued a string of updates and guidelines that cover cryptocurrency apps in its app store.?

The company says it will only allow cryptocurrency wallets that facilitate virtual currency storage, offered by developers enrolled as an organization. Apps will not be allowed to mine cryptocurrencies unless the process is performed off the device.?Apps facilitating Initial Coin Offerings and Cryptocurrency futures trading will be allowed to list, only if, they are from established banks, securities institutions among other approved financial institutions.

Calendar 2 Ban

This is not the first time that Apple has echoed a tough stance when it comes to cryptocurrency related activities or apps. Early in the year, the tech giant removed Calendar 2 App from its Mac App Store because the app facilitated cryptocurrency mining activities on devices in exchange for premium features. Google also instituted a ban on the use of Chrome extension for cryptocurrency mining operations.

The ban on cryptocurrency mining activities in iOS devices has not gone well with some people. However, Apple is unlikely to reverse the decision given that criminals have turned their attention to such apps to launch criminal operations. Cryptocurrency mining on phones has in some cases resulted in some devices being blown apart by battery performance in some devices severely going down.

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