ThinkCoin Partners GMEX Group To Develop Blockchain Multi-Asset Exchange

Blockchain Multi-Asset Exchange

Pioneering cryptocurrency firm ThinkCoin has teamed up with post-trade solution provider GMEX Group to develop a blockchain-based multi-asset exchange. According to GMEX Group CEO, Hirander Misra, the partnership will give rise to the most diverse blockchain-based, multi-asset trading and exchange ecosystem in the market.

GMEX Fusion Platform ?TradeConnect Integration

Under the terms of the deal, ThinkCoin?s TradeConnect Platform is to make use of GMEX Fusion platform. GMEXs? Fusion platform that combines the firm?s traditional centralized trading systems with blockchain technology, is to be integrated into TradeConnect mobile and web front end. The integration will result in centralized and decentralized trading solutions.

The GMEX order execution API is to be combined with TradeConnect matching model resulting in a sophisticated and agile trading solution. Traders, as a result, will be able to trade a variety of assets including fiat currencies, equities precious metals as well as commodities and cryptocurrencies.

TradeConnect is to replace commissions with a levy on all trades that will be rebated to network?s participants in proportion to their participation. Interconnection of traders will also be made possible, through an Artificial Intelligence powered scoring and matching model.

?All of us at ThinkCoin are enormously excited to begin our collaboration with GMEX. The company?s culture of innovation and solution-oriented thinking is hugely impressive, and we look forward to together exploring the full potential of on and off-chain solutions to realize the promise of blockchain technology,? said Nauman Anees, CEO, and Co-Founder of ThinkCoin.

Enhancing Trading Capabilities

The integration of GMEX Group with deep institutional experience and ThinkCoin?s extensive IP should enhance liquidity in the trading network?s ecosystem The network should thus be able to achieve scale faster than any blockchain trading solution in the market.

The GMEX Group collaborations comes barely a month after ThinkCoin inked a similar partnership with California based OChain to help scale its trading platforms capabilities using decentralized trading solutions. OChain is to help ThinkCoin process a high load of transactions by using private and public blockchain processing.

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