Did Cryptokitties Break Up With Steph Curry?


A few weeks ago, the company behind the controversial CryptoKitties announced that it had secured a partnership with Steph Curry to make CurryKitties. The latter would become the first sports crypto collectibles to be licensed officially. However, it looks like that plan might have fallen through the cracks because CryptoKitties just suspended its CurryKitties promotion.

The promotion allowed users to buy the limited edition of the CurryKitties which were designed after NBA player, Steph Curry. CryptoKitties released a statement notifying users that it decided to suspend the campaign until further notice. However, it did not reveal the reasons behind the decision. Curry who is the point guard for the Golden State Warriors did not play a part in the promotion.

The CurryKitties website currently says the CurryKitties are taking a nap. It also states that they believe that Curry was not as involved in the project as the developers of CryptoKitties had anticipated. The statement suggests that the promotion will resume once they are certain that the basketball superstar is an active participant.

The CurryKitties were scheduled to be auctioned directly from Curry?s personal crypto wallet. This explains why the firm behind CryptoKitties did not want to proceed without Curry?s committed involvement, otherwise, it will be pointless to launch the project.

CryptoKitties managed to raise roughly $12 million from tech investors and venture capital funds through Series A funding in March this year. Its CurryKitties campaign is believed to be one of the firm?s attempts to popularize decentralized applications (DApps). It was initially believed that DApps would be among the most popular blockchain uses but so far they have not gained that much attention. No DApp based on the Ethereum blockchain has more than 1,000 active users.

CryptoKitties which is one of the most commonly talked about only has an average of 452 active users every day. The company was hoping that the launch of the CurryKitties would somewhat improve the situation especially due to the basketballer?s popularity.

Neither Steph Curry nor Axiom Zen, the creator of CryptoKitties has released a statement on the matter. Sports collectibles usually thrive in the market but they end up being overproduced or forged, thus leading to their loss of value. CurryKitties aims to solve these problems since they are run on a blockchain system.

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