NEWS TOKEN POOL Airdrop And How To Benefit From It


There are many news websites out there that cover blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but unfortunately most of them do not get much recognition. The NEWS TOKEN POOL aims to address this.

“The current project is in development to work with independent news sites to become part of our news pool to create a larger unified network of news sites operating under a unified token, which can be used to share value, create voting systems, pay dividends, and of course, accrue value in relation to the size, growth, outreach, and income of the network.” reads the announcement on NEWS Token Pool.

The project will distribute a total of 5,000 tokens to each of the eligible parties that joins the NEWS token pool prior to the main-net release.

“We are currently offering NEWS stations, bloggers, influencers, and writers in the crypto currency news world to join our NEWS Token Pool.” reads the eligibility part of the announcement.

Only people in those categories who will be registered to the program will receive the tokens in the form of an airdrop. Part of the requirements of joining will be to help promote the launch of the NEWS Tokens in October during the Main-Net NEWS token release.

Holders of the tokens can use them as profits from the content on their websites, or for storytelling and also as payment for press releases. Eligible parties interested in being a NEWS token holder and benefiting from the airdrop can do so by filling out the Google Doc form here. Those interested has been advised to register by May 30, 2018.

Non-eligible persons that are interested in getting in early on this can do so by purchasing the NEWS token on CFINEX.

The initiative is based on a partnership between KISS, GRU, and STATS projects and it will feature a total of 6,275,000 tokens. The NEWS TOKEN POOL will launch its main-net release in October and the company claims that it will provide access to a larger public investment holding to early members at .00000500 satoshi per token. The NEWS token was trading at .00000192 NEWS/BTC, at the time of writing this article.

Disclosure:?Dippli is a participant in the NEWS Token Pool and a holder of NEWS tokens.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article should be construed as financial advice in any way, nor as an encouragement to engage in cryptocurrency trading activity. This article was not sponsored by any entities or companies mentioned in the article. The only purpose of this article is to inform/educate on the topics discussed in the article.

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