Number Of Bitcoin (BTC) Developers Rose After Cryptocurrency Reached Record High


The number of code submissions to the source code repository of bitcoin (BTC) on GitHub has increased in the last couple of weeks and this has resulted in the technical capability of the platform witnessing some improvement. Though there isn?t a clear reason why there is increased interest from developers, a combination of increased publicity after the rise in price of the cryptocurrency last year as well as increased awareness could be responsible.

According to the Politecnio di Milano professor who has been a program director at the developer conferences of bitcoin, Ferdinando Ametrano, many training and educational efforts can be thanked for assisting in introducing new developers not just to Bitcoin Core but also to the software ecosystem of bitcoin.

Programming Blockchain Workshop

Various programs including Chaincode Labs and Programming Blockchain Workshop have assisted people with regards to the development of software in the bitcoin project. Per Programming Blockchain Workshop?s operator, Jimmy Song, the participants have not been limited to developers but have included retirees, hedge fund managers and teenage girls. This is the sort of diversity that has long been sought since it provides different view points when solving challenges.

Additionally diversity is important since it contributes to the source code quality since having developers who possess different perspectives and backgrounds assists in the identification of bugs. Also when there is diversity a variety of solutions are created as there are different motivations and ideas that are drawn from a diverse group.

Source code complexity

One of the challenges that new developers encounter is the bitcoin source code complexity. Despite the fact that it is published and is already available publicly via the portal of GitHub, there is need for knowledge on how the bitcoin code works.

According to prolific bitcoin developer John Newberry, the virtual currency has a rigorous code review process. This results in a long time being taken before developers can get up to speed. Also it takes a long time before the changes developers have worked on can be implemented and this can serve as a discouragement to both new as well as experienced developers.

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