Sony Files Patent Application For A Digitals Right Data Blockchain Solution


Japanese tech firm Sony intends to employ blockchain technology in storing digital rights data. This was revealed in a patent application which was published recently by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. In the patent application the tech giant explains that solutions of digital rights management that currently exist and which are geared towards interoperability lack reliability and are dependent on one point of failure.

This means that in the event that the system or provider of the rights locker fails or quits the business, all the content that a user has acquired will be lost. With blockchain however the identification information that is required in order to ensure that users have access to the content they have purchased could be stored.

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Filing of the patent was done by Sony and Sony Pictures Entertainment, its subsidiary. In the patent application document movies are cited specifically as the kind of content which would greatly benefit from the technology. However the technology would not be limited to films but could apply to other forms of video content such as television shows, documentaries, and music videos. Additionally the technology could find use in the music and the gaming sectors besides the medical and scientific fields.

To implement the application the rights of the user would be encoded on a blockchain that is dedicated. A user?s information would then be stored on a block and when such a user acquires the rights of particular content saying by buying a download of a movie, the rights would be entered in the blockchain.

Data entry

“When the user acquires rights to an item of content from a content provider ? the content provider system and registration system update the user’s rights blockchain to reflect the new rights, adding a new block for the new content,” says the patent application.

This is not the first patent application that Sony is making with regards to the blockchain technology. The Japanese tech giant has previously filed patent applications aimed at the educational sector and specifically the secure storage of student records. Sony has also previously filed a blockchain patent application for a user authentication system.

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