Welcome To The Game 2: a Title That Allows The Player To Hide From Hitmen And Hack The Deep Web

Welcome to the game 2

Welcome To The Game 2 is a recently released game whose storyline revolves around hacking and hitmen. It is a first-person player in which the player takes on the role of an investigative reporter called Clint Edwards who finds himself tasked with the mission to rescue a woman called Amalea from dangerous-looking masked men.

Edwards only has one clue to find Amalea and it is a video of her crying for help. Other than that there is not much to go by and so he has to search for more clues by going into the deep web. The objectives in the game include finding eight ?hidden hashes? that are located in the deep web. They will come in handy when determining Amalea?s location and the process also involves DOScoin.

Edwards kicks off his investigation from an apartment located somewhere in a city. He uses a browser on his computer to hack into wireless networks in his building and access the dark web and different marketplaces. He spends a lot of time scanning file libraries, webpages and source codes. Some of his hacking activities are also executed as puzzles and minigames.

The Investigative reporter who is in this case the avatar being driven by the person playing the game evaluates different IP addresses and hidden links as part of his mission. These are designed to make the process tough and can end up being very frustrating.

Additionally, he has to play it safe by covering his tracks. If you are sloppy, the mysterious hitmen/kidnappers might track you down undo the research already carried out Edwards and also steal the DOScoin that has already been earned.

The player earns more DOScoin by outdoing other hackers. The extra coins earned can be used to buy more gadgets and software that will help conceal the player?s tracks.

There is another twist that adds more difficulty to the game. The game does not allow the player to fight back so hitmen have the upper hand if they find you. However, the player can use some tricks such as locking the doors or switching off the lights.

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