Dash (DASH) Makes Inroads In South America Despite Setbacks


The recent partnerships that Dash (DASH) formed with Payza and Uphold will assist the virtual currency consolidate the gains it has made in South America. This is because in Latin America Payza for instance accepts more than 25 currencies and is already the biggest payment system on the continent. Dash has been particularly popular in Venezuela as the hyperinflation existing in the South American country has rendered the local currency useless.

However one of the threats facing Dash in Venezuela is the move by the government to unveil a natural virtual currency known as Petro (PTR). This is expected to have an impact on adoption of Dash as there is a risk of it being replaced by the national digital currency.

Since the Petro is backed by the country?s oil resources and thus controlled by the government it is not truly decentralized. Thus an opportunity exists for Dash to market itself to Venezuelans who are looking for a true decentralized cryptocurrency that is free from government interference.

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