82 Altcoins To Be Delisted From The Bittrex Crypto Exchange


Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has indicated that 82 altcoins on its platform will be delisted at the end of this month. According to Bittrex, customers have been informed of the impending move and are thus required to withdraw the particular altcoins before the delisting takes place. If the customers don?t withdraw the coins between now and the end of the month, they will never be able to.
Some of the reasons BIttrex has given for delisting the altcoins include the fact that a couple of them have been abandoned by those who developed them, some have broken blockchains while others were scams. Among those that will be delisted there are 28 altcoins which have broken wallets and with these withdrawals will not be possible. Additionally some of the digital coins being targeted suffer from poor liquidity on the Bittrex platform.

Cleaning up listings

It is common practice on crypto exchanges to clean up listings by removing abandoned and old coins in order to protect customers from buying scam or dying assets. The digital coins which will be removed from the Bittrex exchange are ADC, AM, YBC, AMS, APEX, ARB, BITZ, BLC, BOB, BITS, BSTY, BTA, CCN, CRYPT, DAR, DGC, CRBIT, DRACO, DTC, FC2, FSC2, GEMZ, GHC, FRK, GP, GRT, HKG, HZ, J, KR, HYPER, LXC, MAX, MEC, MND, 8BIT, MTR, MZC, METAL, NAUT, NET, NEU, OC, ORB, PRIME, NTRN, PXI, ROOT, SCOT, SFR, SLG, SLING, SCRT, SOON, SPRTS, SSD, STV, SWING, TES, STEPS, TIT, TRI, TRK, UFO, UNIQ, UNIT, U, UNO, UTC, VIOR, VP, WARP, XAUR, VIRAL, XBB, XC, XCO, XPY, XQN, XSEED, XDQ, and XTC.

Regulatory adherence

Bittrex?s move to delist the 82 altcoins comes at a time when the cryptocurrency exchange is making efforts at ensuring enhanced compliance with regulations. Earlier this month new terms of use for the virtual currency exchange came into effect. Among other things the new terms prohibit residents or citizens of jurisdictions, countries, territories of states which are under U.S sanctions from using the virtual currency exchange.
These countries include Cuba, Syria, Iran and North Korea. The Crimean region is also included as well as persons who may have been sanctioned individually.

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