Lawsuit Filed To Challenge The Ban On Crypto Ads In Russia Google?s

Ban On Crypto Ads In Russia Google?s

Claims have been filed against Google in Russia following the company?s announcement to restrict cryptocurrency-related advertisements. Vladimir Orehov, an entrepreneur, demands a 2 billion ruble payment from the Russian Google body claiming the ban will rob him of the chances to invest in crypto plans besides getting investors to stock his commerce enterprises.

Ban on crypto ads

The decision by Google to execute constraints on the ads of cryptocurrencies and other related fillings has elicited a legal action in the Russian alliance. The Russian entrepreneur denotes that the ban will rob him of the chances of investing in cryptocurrency besides getting other investors eager to support his commercial enterprise. Orehov wants payment for the moral damage instigated by the ban and contends on its lifting. The claim has been filed with the Zamoskvorechye District Law court. Its media secretary ratified the lawsuit was listed on March 15.
Earlier this week, Google proclaimed it was scheduled to restrict advertisements of cryptocurrencies as well as content linked to the first coin aids, Cryptocurrency transactions, wallets, and crypto business advice. This new rule is to be executed by June 2018 as reported by This rule modification comes weeks after Facebook issued its veto on crypto ads.

Why the lawsuit?

Vladimir noted that that he invests in the virtual currency space and also possess skills and ideas that require funding. The Russian has been developing a network of crypto ATMs, together with the dispersed transaction, a compact wallet as well as crypto reimbursement systems. He is even scheduled to conduct an original coin contribution with a pre-sale in June. According to Orehov, he expected to raise a total of 2 million dollars through his ICO.
Orehov, claims he has lost the admittance to prospective investors ?overnight? following the immediate ban. He indicates that the restrictions on ICO advertisements rob him of crucial data concerning other business transacting symbolic sales. He claims, that, this leads to lost opportunities mainly for ?hopeful investments? thus affects his future income. Vladimir Orehov describes the prohibition as illegal as well as infringes on his rights to access material.
This news about right action in Moscow arises after the call in the State Duma to dismiss the ban in contradiction to the restriction on crypto ads.

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