Blockchain nodes


The Bitcoin naming convention is used as baseline.

Full node
Also Known As: Used by:
Archival node Bitcoin
Peer Bitcoin
Pruned node Bitcoin
Thick node Bitcoin
Proposer Ripple
Server Ripple
UNL (Unique Node List) ambigously used to include all full nodes with voting rights. Ripple
Miner node
Also Known As: Used by:
Miner node Bitcoin
Mining Bitcoin
Lightweight node
Also Known As: Used by:
SPV Bitcoin
Simple Payment Verification Bitcoin
Thin client Bitcoin
Ripple client Ripple

The blockchain technology is still in its infant state, yet evolves rapidly as its adaptation is increasing. The blockchain builds on a lot of common technologies for which a standard terminology/naming convention exist, but when implemented by the various blockchain originators these terminologies/naming conventions may differ. This can be somewhat confusing to the reader.

NOTE: This is a live document that will be updated occasionally.

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