Razer Announces Reward for Crypto Mining

Razer Announces Reward for Crypto Mining

Razer has announced rewards for people, who mine cryptocurrencies on their own PCs. The users need to agree to do the tasks on their free PCs to mine cryptocurrencies.

How to Earn Rewards for Mining Cryptocurrency?

The users need to download Razer SoftMiner, a new software, from the Internet and install on their PCs. They will be rewarded with up to 500 Razer Silver daily. The software for crypto mining should be installed on a PC with a graphics card. The gamers can use the app ? Razer SoftMiner to mine the cryptocurrency on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

The users can earn cryptocurrency for mining cryptocurrency on their PCs using an app or software client. On the other hand, users can get loyalty points under a Silver Program of Razer for mining Cryptocurrency. The count of loyalty points will depend on the time spent in running SoftMiner and processing power of the PC. According to Razer, the users should run SoftMiner on at least RX 460 or GTX 1050. However, the users? energy bill will increase and also reduce the life of their PC.

A user of Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has tweeted that Razer SoftMiner uses the GPU power of your PC, but will not credit the crypto coins to your credit. SoftMiner runs on the same hardware where GamaNow works. The desktop app GamaNow also rewards the users for using their GPU power.

Not An Easy Task for Users of Gaming PCs to Make Extra Cash Equivalent

The prices of cryptocurrency have declined by almost 80% this year. Therefore, Miners are finding it difficult to make profits despite using their powerful gaming PCs. It is not a cake walk for the gaming PC users to earn extra cash equivalent credits. Therefore, it is difficult for single GPU Miners to make significant gains even if they mine using a specially made software.

Asus Partners With Quantum Cloud To Reward Gamers with Part of Cryptocurrency

Asus has partnered with Quantum Cloud, a mining app provider, in November 2018. The Taiwan based company pays the users of powerful gaming PCs to share GPU Power for crypto mining. The users will receive a part of the profit through WeChat or PayPal.


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