Htmlcoin Is Rebranding As Part Of Its Mission To Achieve More Growth


Htmlcoin, the foundation behind the Htmlcoin (HTML) cryptocurrency is planning on expanding its business and achieving more growth and it hopes to do that by changing its digital identity.

Htmlcoin posted an update on the matter on Thursday last week revealing that it was changing its digital identity as part of its plans towards securing a stronger future. The company has changed its digital identity to Bracket and even launched a new official mascot. The Htmlcoin organization stated in the blog post on its website that it has been working on coming up with a simpler design that would complement its corporate identity.

The idea is that a simpler design is easily recognizable on small devices such as smartphones. Htmlcoin hopes that the move will help transform its identity to a more modernized form that will attract more clients. This is however not the first time that it has been rebranded. Htmlcoin was initially called Html5 when it was launched back in 2014. The identity was then switched to Htmlcoin shortly after that.

The performance of the Htmlcoin digital currency

Despite the branding, the organization will not be making any changes to its coin logo so that it will remain relevant especially for marketing campaigns in the future. Meanwhile, Htmlcoin has not been performing well for the past few months. Its price hit sub-0.000 levels towards the end of February and has since then not been able to go up past that point. Its price at the time of this press was 0.000463, with a daily trading volume of $40,594 and a market capitalization of $15,679,229.

HTML has various advantages such as the fact that it can be used as a money transfer option between two individuals without an intermediary. Payments are also fast and easy but unfortunately, it also has its drawbacks. For example, adoption has been low, meaning very few individuals or firms are using it. The other disadvantage is that payments are irreversible.

Htmlcoin hopes that the rebranding will help improve the performance of its digital coin through its pursuit for more innovative opportunities. The organization has been working on coming up with real-world use cases for dealing with existing challenges. For example, the organization already has a token creation software and a gaming app which are especially important towards providing educational tools to less fortunate or underprivileged people.

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