Civic Appoints Philip Shoemaker, the Former Veteran of Apple, as Executive Director

Civic Appoints Philip Shoemaker, the Former Veteran of Apple, as Executive Director

Civic, the blockchain startup, has announced the hiring of Philip Shoemaker, the former veteran of Apple, as Executive Director for According to a communique on Thursday, ED will be responsible for the development and growth of decentralized Identity Platform.

Philip Shoemaker Supports growth and deployment of

The co-founder and chief technology officer of Civic, Jonathan Smith said Philip has extensive knowledge of blockchain. He has also got expertise in developing internal infrastructure and support the growth of

In his seven year stint at Apple as Senior Director (App Store Review Division), he has strengthened the team to 300 from just 4. He has played a vital role in developing Animal farts and iWiz for iPhone. He also played an important role in developing the popular iPhone.

His specialties include user interface design; design and development of blockchain, management of UI, QA, and documentation; managing engineers and managers; and knowledge of indepth tools. Previously, he has worked at GrayNoodle LLC that sells 7 applications on iPhone App Store. After leaving Apple, he has spent as an advisor to the blockchain startups for a few years.

Identity is a complex problem in society. The company is planning to utilize the blockchain technology to successfully verify and prove the identity. An open source and trusted ecosystem will be enabled so that anyone can participate or contribute and make the digital identity functional and accessible.

Civic Acquires in July 2018 From Inflection

Civic has acquired in July this year from Inflection. Vinny Lingham, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Civic, said the deal is opportunistic. The company has mobilized funds worth $33 million through ICO in 2017 to build a decentralized platform.

Brief Information about Civic

Civic is engaged in creating a secured identity for each person. The users can safeguard their identity when using mobile Apps or visiting Websites with the help of multifactor authentication. They don?t need to use passwords and usernames to safeguard their identity. It ensures the safe transfer of billions of dollars every year. The digital world is secured with two-factor hardware tokens.


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