A Look At Paypool.io And What It Promises To Offer


Paypool.io is a blockchain-based project that has been around for roughly three years but has existed under different names during that time.

The project claims that it has a large pool of investors and its main aim is to bring the Paypool token into the market as part of its mission to provide a digital payment solution that will allow users to make payments at low costs. It promises to give users an affordable, cost-effective, and secure solution which can be used to purchase products or services and also send payments.
The Paypool token was made by the NEWS Token Pool development team and will be airdropped to holders of the NEWS Token or through a bounty campaign. This means there will be no ICO for the Paypool token.

The project is scheduled for a main-net launch in September or October this year and a total of 31,375,000 Paypool tokens will be supplied. The amount of Paypool tokens supplied will be distributed at a 5:1 ratio to the NEWS token.

Dividing the News Token Pool

NETP recently revealed that all trades revolving around NEWS shares will be suspended on August 30 this year through which NETP will issue a payout on the holdings on a 5 to 1 ratio. Any users with a holding of 50,000-plus News shares will be rewarded with 5,000 Synchrolife Tokens.

NETP also stated that it will also launch a form on September 1, through which users can submit their NETP deposit addresses so that the tokens can be airdropped in their wallets. NETP has also received approval for listing on HTML Bunker.


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