Bitcasino.Io Is Back This Time Bigger And Better

Bitcasino.Io Is Back This Time Bigger And Better

The Coingaming Group has relaunched a one of a kind licensed Bitcoin casino. The company asserts that the new site loads 8 times faster than any other site of its kind in the market and comes with a user-focused interface.


The site is expected to thrill users with a remarkable loading speed of 2 seconds- which is 13 seconds faster than that of competing businesses. The site is designed to offer a superb casino experience to internet-savvy players that are very specific in their tastes. developing team took two months to come up with the site that is believed to be second to none regarding, design, speed and general user-experience. The futuristic site comes with remarkable features that facilitate a tailored experience to users.

Efficiency-enabling features

The site comes with amazing search filters that allows users to customize their searches within the platform enabling one to navigate easily around the site. Users also delight an online wallet that is easy to use. The wallet allows the user to easily process payments to and from one?s account.

The site is secure, easy to use and most importantly loads faster providing unparalleled efficiency. The site also accommodates newbies in the cryptocurrency space. With the BTCXE, one can easily exchange fiat currency to Bitcoins in order to game within the platform.

Developers of the site leveraged on machine learning technology which based on your frequent searches and engagements, over time the site will automatically suggest to you games based on your personal preference. The site is optimized in such a way that with specific keywords one will easily find the results he/she is looking for.

Currently the site has been equipped with all types of games to suite diverse preferences to ensure that everybody has a nice time when they visit. Tauri Tiitsaar, the Head of the Casino commenting on the new site said that, ?our players wanted a faster loading site, with personalisation and a wide range of search parameters at the heart of the offering. We listen closely to every element of feedback we receive and have delivered on our promises with an exceptional product.?


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