Satoshi Nakamoto Is Back With First Post In Four Years

Satoshi NakamotoIs Back With First Post In Four Years

After being inactive for nearly four years, the account of Satoshi Nakamoto at P2P Foundation is finally active. Satoshi Nakamoto is the founder of Bitcoin, and his post after a long time has left the crypto society with a lot of amusement. The post from the account and the befriending of Wagner Tamanaha a Brazilian with Japanese roots raises questions on the authenticity of the account and what can be made of these actions.

Can it be Satoshi Nakamoto?

Crypto investigators, who have been after the myths that surround the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, are in overdrive trying to figure it out. They are asking questions on what does the word ?nour? from the November 29 post mean. Similarly, why did he befriend Tamanaha and who is he? Although the Crypto society is excited about this revelation, there are sceptics who are of the opinion that the control of the account may not be under Nakamoto. the email that was apparently used to sign up Satoshi to the account is said to have been hacked or rather there was lapse in the gmx domain.

The urban dictionary definition of the word ?nour? means loving, considerate and being affectionate person who is smart and sensitive with some sense of humour. Therefore the word can refer to multiple things and the urban dictionary definition might not be the most relevant reference. Other theorists have indicated that it is an Arabic transliteration of the word to Latin which means light. The thinking behind the reference is the fast network of the side-chain technology that is currently employed in transaction scaling on Bitcoin system. Although several versions have been given about the same, none seems to be giving the real meaning.

The truth

There is a possibility that the only person who can give the real truth is Wagner Tamanaha. There have been searches being carried on his social media platforms for any clues. In the meantime it is better to wait and see if Satoshi will post again or get any communication from Tamanaha.

There might be a political account that is being advanced although so cryptic. Without any coding skills that can link the two there is so much speculation that will go on.


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