HBUS Introduces First Ever Crypto-Currency Billboard Campaign

HBUS Introduces First Ever Crypto-Currency Billboard Campaign

HBUS new digital Cryptocurrency exchange is taking to the streets by launching a billboard campaign referred to as ?Evolved Crypto Trading?. The campaign commenced with the launching of a billboard in San Francisco. The billboard mocks Coinbase and Wall Street depicting them as the not as much evolved forms of crypto exchange. .

HBUS has partnered with Huobi, which is an Asian giant in terms of exchange that has been in the top ten globally in terms of volume. Currently, HBUS is dealing in around 12 crypto exchanges such as Litecoin and Bitcoin and they have plans to launch more exchanges. Although the company started in July this year, they have been able to make significant hires from big tech companies and capital investment companies in Silicon Valley thus giving them a head start.

Doing Away With Crypto Exchange Fees

Information from Kevin Leu, the communications head at HBUS, indicates that campaign was conceived as a digital reflection of true revolution in assets. The objective is to provide people with a number of options to enable them access the growing Cryptocurrency niche. The campaign is aimed at giving crypto dealers an opportunity of eliminating high trading costs they incur especially when they trade on other exchanges.

Emergence of Crypto Exchange Billboards

Since the inception of the campaign in the US, there has been a rise in the number of people spreading their Cryptocurrency message through the use of billboards. For instance, in the fall a Reddit user posted about a billboard in Atlanta marketing various Bitcoin teller machines in the town urging people to get Bitcoin.

Equally a similarly billboard was spotted in May in front of Warren Buffet?s office indicating that the since the billionaire was incorrect about Amazon and Google he might as well be a bout Bitcoin. Buffet had criticised Bitcoin indicated that it created nothing as well equating it to rat poison. Buffet holds the view that the Cryptocurrency exchange is likely to have a bad windup. This view is somewhat interesting because his words have not come to pass because of suggestions from select media channels about the price fall of Bitcoin.


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