EOSbet Gambling Receives Curacao?s eGaming License

EOSbet Gambling Receives Curacao?s eGaming License

EOSBet, the gambling App, has become the first online platform to acquire an official gambling license from gambling regulator Curacao eGaming. The move is seen as a game changer in gambling because of the decentralised gaming platform. The EOSBet casino provides a complete online gaming experienced App that enables one to exclusively wager EOS coins in dice and baccarat games.

Currently, EOSBET is ranked among the top EOS dApps with betting volumes close to$5 million. The new license makes it possible for the EOS.IO block-chain network to affordits clients immediatetime periodswithout any delays and no charges. Therefore, the platform is going to revolutionize the gambling industry by addressing existing challenges of centralised gambling platforms such as high house advantages, costly fees and slow gameplay.

Eosbet the Online Casino

The dApp is the first ever online Casino platform according to the EOSBet team. The BET utility coin holders are allowed to get instant prizes in form of EOSthat can amount up 100% from theprofits that are made on the EOSBet Platform. The distribution of pay-outs is calculated proportionately relative to the holders?share of BET coins.

In a reflection of the instant rewards that holders receive, EOSBet paid close to one million dollars in dividends to its token holders. This was on October 16th barely two since the platform went live. The refer a friend scheme is equally another way that holders can get rewarded through getting 0.5% of the referral bet whereas the friend also gets a similar bonus.

Eosbet the Solution to online Gambling

The programhas been operating in beta for three months as the company worked towards acquiring the license. Therefore, the Curacao license gives the EOSBet platform prowess that makes all forms of online gambling possible. Being the first to get such a license, the platform is likely to benefit immensely from high trust as a result of being listed as one of the most respected gambling companies. As of now, EOSBET has seen over 70 million EOS wagered with over 10 million bets recorded.

In addition to the advancements they have made, EOSBet has announced that they are finalising the testing a new game before going online.


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