Asus Partners Quantumcloud To Enable Crypto Mining Using GPU Power

Asus Partners Quantumcloud To Enable Crypto Mining Using GPU Power

Tech giant ASUS is in the process of making it easy for gamers to use idle GPU to make some money on the side. The hardware giant has consequently inked a strategic partnership with Quantumcloud. The two are collaborating in a bid to make it possible for people to use excess gaming power in graphics cards for crypto mining.

Crypto Mining

In addition, the two companies will make it easy for gamers to earn some money on the side by leveraging their excess processing power. Quantum cloud is providing a platform whereby gamers will be able to lend their excess GPU power so that other people can also use it for crypto mining.

Initial indication is that the idle GPUs owned by interested gamers will collectively power cloud-based crypto mining apps. Owners will in return earn a percentage of the tokens mined, depending on the processing power they lend. In a bid to ensure the privacy and security of people lending their GPU processing power, ASUS will protect the gamers under the General Data Protection Regulation.

ASUS-Quantumcloud Partnership

ASUS and Quantumcloud is an ideal partnership poised to bear significant fruits in the crypto mining business. ASUS has made a name for itself on the production of high-end graphics cards commonly used in performing various computing operations.

The Taiwan based company comes into the partnership with a big user base that could take advantage of the Quantumcloud software to engage in the crypto mining business. Quantum, on the other hand, has set itself apart from other mining apps, by guaranteeing the safety of customer?s data.

Quantumcloud has already integrated the GPDR compliance, which means customers will not have to create a unique login to engage in crypto mining.

?Instead, customers use their existing PayPal or WeChat account to log in and collect their earnings. To simplify the user experience, digital wallet management, cryptocurrency mining mix, currency conversions, and fiat transfers are all integrated into the back-end of the Quantumcloud software,? read a press release.

The use of GPUs for crypto mining is slowly gaining momentum. Miners are using their GPUs to mine independently while others are pooling their GPUs together all in the effort of launching large-scale mining operations.


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