Crypto Exchange Xena Exchange Raises $3 Million For Expansion Plans


Xena Exchange expansion plans have received a significant boost. The professional level crypto trading platform has completed a $3 million Series A funding round. Klever Internet Investments is one of the firms that that took part in the funding round.

Capital Raise

A $3 million capital raise is a significant milestone as it underscores growing investor confidence on the company?s operations and long-term prospects. A good chunk of the funds is to go towards funding team expansion as well as marketing. The crypto exchange is also planning to accelerate product development all in the effort of attracting more clients.

Based in London, Xena Exchange cast itself as an innovative cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange draws backing from a group of industry professionals with experience from mainstream institutions such as Deutsche Bank and UBS.

Xena Exchange Plans

The exchange is looking to change the lack of efficiency and transparency in the financial markets with its products in the crypto space. Given the high profile backing, the exchange is planning to offer an institutional level of service in the sector. It also hopes to offer best practice and approaches to the emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency market.

The exchange has built a name for itself ever since it received its first financing last year. Its cryptocurrency trading platform is one of the best as it is built with knowledge of the financial markets

According to Chief Executive Officer, Anton Kravchenko most cryptocurrency trading platform are far from traditional stock exchanges.

?Our team knows what professional traders need, how they think, what works best in trading, and how to effectively launch these tools and services. Xena Exchange?s platform offers unique features for professional traders, including Positions and P&L calculation, high rebates for market makers, low latency trading, and trend analytics,? said Mr. Kravchenko.

Backed by a reliable trading platform, Xena Exchange focus is to offer high quality and transparent exchange for traders. The exchange is also targeting banks as well as asset managers and hedge funds.


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