Asset Tokenising Firm Blackmoon Expands Into US Market


Accredited investors in the US will soon access more investment options as Blackmoon expands into US market. Finance Magnates exclusively reports that the hedge fund tokenising firm will launch via a private offering. In particular, the offering will entail a private access to Blackmoon?s cryptocurrency strategies by accredited investors.

The Blackmoon Platform offers various strategies through which investors can participate in cryptocurrency market. In particular, there are six strategies. A proprietary-designed algorithm manages each strategy, making it a very convenient means to invest.

Blackmoon expands into US market to offer more investment options

In essence, the investor will not need to allocate time to follow the behaviour of the market. Instead, the algorithms will do the entire donkey?s work and deliver excellent earnings. However, the firm clarifies that each strategy carries different risk and it requires a certain amount of risk appetite.

In September last year, the fintech blockchain-based company raised $30 million in an ICO. In particular, the funds would go towards building a platform that is now a huge ecosystem.

Oleg Seydak, founder of Blackmoon Crypto told Forbes in March this year that blockchain is central to all industries. Interestingly, Seydak said that his firm aims to play a major part in the forthcoming blockchain revolution.

Seydak said Blackmoon ?is a singular one-size-fits-all blockchain authority universe where all participants speak the same generic protocol; regardless of service requirements.?

Asset tokenization

In September, the firm entered Malta after receiving of its Category 3 Investment Services License. The license helped Blackmoon to ?build a legally compliant framework to provide dealing and brokerage services.? Further the license enabled the firm to safeguard clients? assets through the European Economic Area.

The firm is also in the news for tokenizing shares to give investors more investment opportunities. Previously, Blackmoon launched the token sale of the Xiaomi IPO asset token. As a result, investors would have an opportunity to participate in the Xiaomi IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Interestingly, the tokenization made Xiaomi the first company to have its IPO tokenized and to be available on Blackmoon Platform.

As Global Banking and Finance Review reports: ?The Blackmoon Platform offers two main solutions: for Asset Managers, a compliant and secure way to create and manage tokenized funds; and for the Investors, a solution to invest in crypto tokens based on traditional and cryptocurrency-based investment funds.?


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