Content Aggregator Xhoneybadger Pays Viewers For Watching Hosted Content


The advertisement sector is experiencing tight competition. Therefore, companies have to make sure that they innovate to reach wider audience. In this light, Xhoneybadger pays viewers who watch content on its platform.

According to a press release, the video website pays viewers in a new token called honeybadgers (XHB). Every time one clicks on a video and watches it to end, one earns a given number of XHB. Interestingly, the XHB accumulates and gets paid out at the end of the month. Once the XHB reflects in the user account, a user has the option of converting them to Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Xhoneybadger pays viewers in XHB

This is the only way one can have the cryptocurrency in a usable form. XHB is still not an official token hence cannot settle transactions elsewhere. However, there is the option of using the XHB to buy Amazon gift cards. With the gift cards, one can purchase goods over the Amazon platform.

According to an official statement, once a ?viable onchain token solution? is available, users will trade XHB on exchanges. However, users can presently redeem 1 honeybadger for $0.01 of Amazon gift cards. For the amount to be usable, one has to reach a minimum of $25.

Although the video website is fairly new, it has a very large collection of videos and of different variety. Interestingly, as the press release notes, it also contains adult videos. Therefore, one is open to watching content that one is comfortable with. Other varieties include technology, art, health, bitcoin cash, astronomy, music, philosophy and many more.

Greater milestones

Luckily, the adult content section is hidden and one has to give consent before accessing the section. The adult content section too comes with a wide ranging from fetish to other assortments as the view may prefer.

This kind of advertising is quite uncommon in the cryptoverse. However, with the ability of blockchain platforms to ensure integrity of data, more platforms may come up. Further, most blockchain platforms contain native tokens through which viewers can get paid. Therefore, as Xhoneybadger pays viewers to watch content, it could be the first step to greater milestones for blockchain.


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