Amazon Web Services Receives ArcBlock As A New Partner


The blockchain space is quickly expanding. As a result, various companies are entering agreements to enable them stay ahead of competition. In this light Amazon Web Services receives ArcBlock as a new partner in a mutually reinforcing relationship.

According to a press release, ArcBlock is a creator of the world?s first blockchain 3.0 ecosystem. As per the release, ArcBlock has an existing relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS). However, the two entities are expanding their relationship where ArcBlock will expand into the global AWS Partner Network (APN).

?This is a global program focused on bringing successful AWS-based solutions to the open market and ArcBlock is one of only several blockchain early adopters to qualify for technology partner status and benefit from this status,? the release reads in part.

ArcBlock is also a platform through which developers create blockchain-focused applications. Mostly, the created applications offer decentralised services in a wide range of sectors. The new integration with APN gives ArcBlock an enviable access to AWS?s cloud computing resources.

In particular, the partnership will help ArcBlock to reach a wider client-base for its services. The platform will be able to offer training, custom blockchain solutions and other blockchain-enabled services. Further, as Amazon Web Services receives ArcBlock, the platform will be able to introduce its solutions to APN users. Some of the solutions include Open Chain Access Protocol (OCAP) and OCAP Playground which are proprietary solutions by ArcBlock.

The APN platform will give a wider audience to ArcBlock?s offerings, hence expanding its reach. Further, the APN will provide ?ready-made cloud infrastructure that utilize cloud computing and a microservice-based architecture.?

Commenting on the developments, Robert Mao, CEO, and Founder of ArcBlock said the relationship with AWS is precious. ?We will be continuing to invest in our relationship with AWS as one of our cloud partners as they have been a leader in the cloud infrastructure space for many years,? Mao added.

Further, the CEO details that, the relationship will facilitate a much better utilization of the ArcBlock platform by its users.

Recently, ArcBlock launched a Technical Learning Series which will help developers attain in-depth knowledge on various AWS services. As CryptoNinjas reports, the services include AWS Kinesis, AWS Athena, Smart Contracts, and AWS Data Pipeline Services.


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