Coinsilium Announces Strategic Partnership With Lition Technology


Coinsilium Group Ltd has announced a strategic partnership with Lition technology. The former is a blockchain investment and advisory company, while the latter is a blockchain infrastructure company.

Generating finance for a newly proposed venture by Lition is the primary objective of the collaboration. In that regard, Lition hopes to come up with a new blockchain infrastructure. Scalability and the ability to delete data features on the new platforms are the main distinguishing features of the infrastructure. Lition will patner with several SAPs such as Torsten Zube in building the infrastructure. One particular client will bring on board over 10,000 developers and 400, 000 corporate clients.

Coinsilium will come in to offer consulting expertise during the process of generating the cash. Lition has opted for a token sale valued at $25 million. The Token Generation Event has already seen its first phase. Coinsilium oversees the function and the cash generation process on behalf of Lition.

The expected impact of the partnership in the cryptocurrency world

The partnership is undoubtedly going to affect the cryptocurrency world for two reasons. First, the proposed venture by Lition is highly viable. If successful, the investment will prove the adaptability of blockchain technology to commercial enterprises. While this is possible, the proof of concept needed to justify commercial adaption has mostly been absent. Thus, Lition, will offer the required evidence for commercial adoption.

Secondly, the venture complies with regulations surrounding money transfer, notably GDRP and privacy laws. Thus, the technology is likely to enjoy good reception by the markets and the wider public. The nature of the method of raising the cash is another reason that necessitates the partnership. About that, selling tokens especially to investors is a complex process that requires varied expertise supplied by the new collaboration.

Why the strategic partnership will succeed

The partnership amplifies the need for collaboration for entrepreneurial success. This practice has slowly been gaining traction, particularly among technology companies around the world. Providing technical, financial, and managerial expertise in highly volatile markets is some of the key goals of such partnerships.

In most instances, the partnerships have yielded positive results. The CEO of Coinsillium hopes this new partnership will be no different. The Dapp, a decentralized application by Coinsullium will also boot the venture. Another advisor in the new partnership, the Chief Innovation officer of Lition is also optimistic that the partnership will succeed.


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