MMX Enters Strategic Partnership With imToken To Simplify Ethereum Wallet Identifiers


Cryptocurrencies are gaining usage across the market. Therefore, this increases the demand for wallet services as more people get to own the cryptocurrencies. In this light, MMX enters strategic partnership with imToken to make Ethereum wallets easier to use.

A press release indicates that the deal is as a result of long consultations by both companies. Minds + Machines Group Limited (MMX) is a popular domain name registration company listed on London Stock Exchange (LSE). Specifically, the company ranks under the Alternative Investments Market (AIM) section of the LSE. On the other hand, imToken provides storage solutions for holders of Ethereum tokens.

MMX enters strategic partnership with imToken to help attract investors to crypto market

According to the news release, imToken will be able to use the .luxe domain to simplify use of Ethereum wallet. As per the release, cryptocurrency wallets require users to make use of long complicated characters to access the wallet. Normally, this makes the wallet complicated to use. As a result, many investors are not able to enter the crypto market due to this complexity.

However, the ?.luxe? domain will act simply as an identifier. Basically, this will act as the key to the user?s Ethereum wallet. Particularly, the news release explains that users will ?use a simple website link? to perform transactions over blockchain networks. This makes the process easier and attracts more users to the wallets.

Complexity is one of the issues that the cryptocurrency sector is grappling with. Actually, the underlying technology of the cryptocurrencies is still too complex for non-professionals to understand. As a result, the field is largely a preserve of technology wizards. However, there are efforts to make the process of investing in crypto easier to attract more investors.


He Bin, founder and CEO of imToken insists that the firm wants to facilitate reliable and transparent cryptocurrency transactions. Therefore, as MMX enters strategic partnership with imToken, users will experience much more convenience.

?MMX provides users with convenient and secure domain name services, allowing blockchains to seamlessly interface with traditional Internet, enabling users to transfer money. And trusting each other more when trading, this is undoubtedly a great innovation,? he says.


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