Geneva Management Group Unveils New Crypto Unit


Global financial solutions firm Geneva Management Group (GMG) dives into the cryptocurrency market with the launch of a new division that will handle customers who deal with digital currencies.

GMG?s managing director Mathieu Saint-Cyr will lead the new cryptocurrency division and their main focus will be to provide services related to cryptocurrency products. So far the new division?s customers are those that invest in initial coin offerings (ICOs) but the global financial solutions firm also provides tax and legal advice for cryptocurrency-related activities. GMG?s decision to launch a crypto unit was inspired by the growing interest in blockchain technology and digital currencies.

?We witness an increasing interest in virtual currencies and blockchain technology among our clients, many of whom are entrepreneurs and extremely technology savvy,? stated GMG CEO, Dave Elzas.

Elzas also noted that his company managed to come up with a strong team to support the crypto division thanks to the successful solutions that the firm offers to its customers in the crypto market. GMG will offer its services across the globe and it plans to adjust its operating strategy to comply with different legal structures in different regions.

Facilitating the overall goal of democratized transactions

Saint-Cyr stated that the purpose of blockchain and cryptocurrency is to facilitate peer-to-peer payments that will eventually democratize transactions. He also noted that investors have a tough time accessing some vital services such as convertibility from crypto to fiat, KYC, and professional support with due diligence due to lack of harmonized infrastructures and regulation. Saint-Cyr stated that the solutions and expertise that can eliminate some of those problems.

Saint-Cyr also added that the new cryptocurrency department is made up of specialists that offer a variety of services such as fund information, corporate services, management, analysis, and trading. GMG has also launched a secure e-wallet that will allow it to receive payments from customers in cryptocurrency form. The new digital wallet accepts a wide variety of digital currencies. The firm is determined to facilitate seamless processing of digital currency payments with long-standing banking partners, thus taking advantage of their well-established relationships.


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