AnnApp To Work NTT DOCOMO On IOTW Micro-Mining In An Open Partner Program


Japan?s mobile carrier NTT DOCOMO has selected a developer called AnApp Blockchain Technologies to work on IOTW Micro Mining for its 5G Open Partner Program.

NTT DOCOMO is the largest mobile carrier in Japan With more than 76 million wants to work with AnApp in its 5G Open Partner Program through which the developer will work on IOTW Mining. The Japanese mobile carrier has been one of the leading firms in 3G and 4G technologies. It wants to maintain that leadership with 5G technology as part of its 2020 medium-term plan which it will run from the year 2020 and beyond.

AnApp?s role in the partnership will be creating a new virtual currency called IOTW which will focus on achieving growth in the Internet of Things (IoT). 5G technology is expected to play a huge role in facilitating IoT in the future because it offers key features such as low latency, large capacity, many terminals and most importantly, high speeds. Meanwhile, AnApp will develop the micro-mining platform to allow IoT devices to mine the IOTW cryptocurrency.

?We are very certain that our cooperation can potentially impact everyone?s daily life,? stated AnApp founder and CEO, Frederick Leung.

Merging IoT with blockchain while allowing end users to benefit

Leung further pointed out that DOCOMO will get to speed up the sale of IoT devices while at the same time allowing end users to benefit. He also noted that the IOTW?s core team has been in the software and hardware business for the past 30 years. AnApp?s innovative micro-mining algorithms and PoA will allow DOMOCO to compile big data while allowing end users to benefit through micro-mining.

DOMOCO announced the partnership after an early-stage venture capital firm called Krypton Capital invested in AnApp. The venture capital firm mainly focuses on blockchain ventures. Its founder and CEO Ilan Tzorya stated that his farm is particularly keen about the ventures that it chooses to invest in. He also added that the IoT market has a lot of potential and that it is a great opportunity for the company since it is also a market that has demonstrated rapid growth.


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