This New Crypto Payment Solution From Aliant Offers Fast Payouts

Crypto Payment Solution

A U.S-based company called Aliant Payment Systems which offers payment processing and merchant services has announced the launch of a domestic payment solution for digital currencies that offers next day payouts.

The new solution was developed in-house and its main aim is to process digital currency payouts for new merchants as well as already existing ones. The new solution also converts cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies, specifically to U.S dollar. The newly launched payment solution has an API that facilitates integration with e-commerce sites, a new web interface and it is also available for mobile platforms through Android and iOS apps. It also features a risk monitoring tool, a reporting tool and a virtual terminal that also boasts of email invoicing capability.

“Aliant is proud to be the one of the only processors that currently offers merchants credit card, debit card, and crypto payment solutions,? pointed out Eric Brown, the CEO of Aliant in a press release.

Brown also noted that the solution has been introduced at a time when there is growing demand for a domestic solution that would be sustainable while also providing superior service to merchants. According to the Aliant CEO, the new solution will be a long-term offering that provides scalability, and faster payouts in a manner that is more accurate and cost effective. It also achieves all this while being compliant with Federal banking regulations.

Key partnerships that Aliant has secured

Aliant has also developed the new payment through a banking partnership with a U.S bank that is publicly traded. It is also worth noting that the cryptocurrency payment solution has achieved full compliance with KYC and AML rules as well as Federal regulations.

The company?s official press release revealed that the company managed to achieve the incredible feat of being one of the first payment processing firms to allow merchants to receive digital currencies as payments. Aliant achieve this in September 2017. This impressive feat shows that the firm has been busy developing solutions that will help propel more adoption of digital currencies. Aliant announced in May 2018 that it had struck a key partnership with iPayment. The latter allowed more than 137,000 merchants to access its crypto solution.


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